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Meal Planning How To’s + Shopping List

Do you struggle with ideas on what to have for dinner and kids saying I want this or I want that ???  I used to struggle with this very exactly this. I have one picky eater(who is on a special diet) and another that would eat cereal for every single meal if I let him. Read More

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One Big Shopping Trip, Meal Planning & Recipes Week 1

Monthly meal planning, shopping and daylight savings time…. thats all alot in its self. Well lets add a Winter Weather Advisory to that mix 😉 ohhh yes this was the most interesting shopping trip I have had in awhile! Sunday morning my 12yr old and I headed to town to do some major grocery shopping Read More

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Meal Planning Rocks!!! Chicken Parm Sliders Recipe 

I started meal planning again a few weeks ago and its so much easier. Tonight’s Meal is Chicken Parm Sliders I love Aldis I got about 90% of everything we needed for 3 meals a day menu plan for a whole Month for about $170.  For the Chicken I use Kirkwood Parm Chicken Tenders from Read More

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