Budget Planning Binder Style

Summer is almost over, and I seem to have not gotten near as much accomplished as I had hoped. YES I  got living room painted, and working on painting kids rooms. I did not stick to my meal planning like I had hoped, but there are just some summer days when “lets just order a Read More

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Five More Minutes

Have you ever heard a song that makes you stop dead in your tracks and think? Last night I was scrolling Facebook and came across this article https://countryrebel.com/blogs/videos/scotty-mccreery-opens-up-about-the-real-life-emotions-behind-five-more-minutes   Of course after reading it I just had to look the song up on You Tube   Scotty McCreery- Five More Minutes *** Listen to this Read More

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Blogs I Absolutely Love

Before I even started blogging I loved to read blogs. And now I read even more blogs. Here’s why, there are SO many bloggers and they each have their own niche. Motherhood, cooking, life, there’s even bloggers who blog to teach others how to blog. thesunmama.com– This page has the neatest vacation posts. I’ve gotten to Read More

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