Busy Busy Busy

So, the last month and a half has flown by. Not that I’m wasn’t busy all summer, August hit and it seemed to literally FLY by. 

Got kids all ready to go back to school, a 2nd grader and an 8th grader. Yipes!!!!!

But the biggest thing that happened in AugustI decided to go back to school too. Working from home is awesome but I wanted to do more. A good friend told me about an upcoming EMT class and of course my “ah ha” moment. I have wanted to be an EMT forever. But never had the finances or a department that would sponor me so I kinda gave up on that thought.

Well I was able to get an amazing department to sponsor me for the class.  Seriously a huge blessing. I started class on Aug.23rd. So a month into it and I am loving it. I wont say its easy and I surely wont say I don’t want to pull my hair out somedays. Trying to study and as soon as I think sweet I can study kids need me, or Im studying and look at clock and its 2 am…. And that ohhh crap well 4am is going to come early but I’m doing it.

I’ll be 35 in less than 2 months(yes 35 yikes…..), babysit during the day, take care of household stuff and then attend class. Never in a million years did I think I would ever get this opportunity nor did I think that I couls juggle it all. But I’m doing it. Still have alot of class left, so much to learn and then of course clinicals and state and national registry.

I want to thank everyone for understanding why I havent blogged in what seems like forever.


The next few months I would love to blog at least once every 2 weeks and thats my plan, please bear with me while I’m working on so many things.


Love you all,


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One thought on “Busy Busy Busy

  1. Liz says:

    You have undertaken a major step in your life for your future. You are setting the best possible example for your sons. Believe me a missing blog will be over looked by all of us who care about and love you. You can be very proud of what you are doing. I will patiently wait for your blogs. You go girl!!!

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