10 Things That Make Me Happy

I was asked by my friend Shell from https://thesunmama.com/ to take part in this  gratitude challenge. I absolutely loved her post and it definitly encouraged me to write this post.

Making a list of only 10 things that I make me truly happy was actually kind of hard There are so many more things in my life that made me realize how truly blessed I am.


Being a MOM is the b est thing in the entire world. I was blessed with 3 amazing sons. These 3 make me the happiest.I was blessed with 3 amazing sons. They make me the happiest and sometimes the craziest person in the world.


1, Family- I was truly blessed with an amazing family, parents, grandparents,siblings, cousins, aunts uncles, nephews and a niece. Family is the root to life and so man y of these people make being a family something special.

2. Friends- It goes without saying Friends are family too. i am have some pretty amazing friends. They are closer to family than friends.

3. Coffee- Seriously I LOVE coffee. Its my go to drink year round day or not coffee is a must in my book!

4. Fall- I am not a huge fan of Halloween, but FALL ……. pumpkin flavor everything, football, apple cider and donuts(from Edwards of course), Hoodies, boots and of course Thanksgiving.

5. Christmas- I absolutely love Christmas time, decorating, and snowman decor galore. My favorite part of Chirstmas is decorating the tree and seeing the kids faces on Christmas morning.



6.Grey’s Anaomy, Chicago Fire & Chicago PD- The 3 shows I LOVE to watch. There is just something about each of these shows. the craziness of the episode, the sometimes yea thats not how its done, and the episodes that make you stop and laugh or even think hmmmm really?!?!?!

7. School- I started back to school last Wednesday. for EMT class. I have wanted to do it for years  and finally decided to just go for it. Its intriquging, definitly challenging and I foresee once it’s all done its going to be a rewarding choice.

8. Baking- I love to bake, anything really. cookies, cakes anything that is fun to make and of course that the kids like. I like to cook  and meal plan also. I started making freezer meals too. It alot of fun, even though it does take some time to prep themm but being able to pull dinner out, pop it in the crockpot and be done is pretty awesome.

9.Small Town Festivities- we live in a small town. every year there are festivals that we attend. June Days in Orfordville,(they have great fireworks), 4th of July Parade and Fireworks here in town, Covered Bridge Days here in town, Autumn Fest,  Jaycees craft fair and in December the Fire & Ice Festival. Its pretty neat having so many things to do in such a small area.

10. Binder Organization- OK Seriously who came up with this idea was a genious!!!! At first I was like oh boy thats going to be extra work that I probably wont ever use….. WRONG! I have a binder for just about everything, Bills,   Household, Meal Planning, Kids Chores, Christmas stuff, you name it. And they are super easy to put together, Pinterest has a TON of printable binder ideas and alot of FREE printables. Someday I would love to figure out how to make those awesome printables so I can share them with all you lovely blog readers 🙂


Thanks again Shell for nominating me to do this challenge, I apologize its taken me weeks to get it fully done 🙂


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2 thoughts on “10 Things That Make Me Happy

  1. Shell says:

    Hi sweetie!!! Your so welcome 🙂 I loved reading your list of what makes you happy 🙂 I’m super excited for fall too– bring on anything and everything pumpkin !!!!

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