Budget Planning Binder Style

Summer is almost over, and I seem to have not gotten near as much accomplished as I had hoped. YES I  got living room painted, and working on painting kids rooms. I did not stick to my meal planning like I had hoped, but there are just some summer days when “lets just order a pizza” is an acceptable dinner.

A few weeks ago I started organizing rooms around the house , got to my desk and was like OH dear god what a MESS! I have one of those wood bill organizers and it was packed full of papers and mail. NOT bills not organized neatly. I decided that I wanted to do something else. I could file stuff into filing cabinet but that’s already organized neatly and how I want it. I didn’t want to put bills in the filing cabinet and have to go through the  drawer to find the file “BILLS”.

I couldn’t sleep that night so as I usually do I as on Pinterest and I was searching “organization” then bill organizer and I came across the Home Management Binder from http://thegraciouswife.com. 

This is EXACTLY what I was looking for. It had everything, Budget planner, meal planning, calendars, to-do lists, even important information section. BINGO everything I want all in one. So I printed the entire BINDER system. 🙂

Budget Section Cover

I grabbed the biggest binder I had here, and went to work. After printing the Home Management sheets, (which are awesomely coordinated with a section cover which worked perfect.) I put the sheets into sheet protectors and then added them all to the binder. I did copy all of the pages that were fill able for future use. Once the binder was all together I went through and filled out what I needed and used Dividers to section off each area.

Monthly Budget
Check Sheet (this prints as a 2 page form,… I forgot to make a blank copy of July-December so I apologize for the half form 🙂

I  loved the binder but I was looking for something in the Budget section to make budgeting a tad easier. YES I can budget monthly perfectly with the Home Management Binder but I wanted a weekly breakdown as well. Its easier for me to break bills down into weekly pay as it seems ALL the bills except 2 fall from the 20th-27th of the month.

So I did some searching and found this Weekly Expenses Sheet   (from http://blog.worldlabel.com)

Weekly Expenses Sheet

Which works PERFECTLY for me to take info from the monthly sheet and break bills down into weeks. I am using the first 3 weeks of the month to break the bills that are due 20th-27th into weeks to pay them ahead of time.

Which leaves week 4: Which is all the Pre-Authorized Bills (ones that automatically come out of account from  http://www.cleanandscentsible.com . The only bill that’s due smack dab in middle of weeks 2 and 3 is the internet bill and having it automatically deducted makes perfect sense. (and I just figured out TODAY that it can be automatically deducted instead of logging in every single month and paying it which totally made my day)

Pre-Authorized Bills



Now that the bills are all organized, I am definitely loving it. I used to keep the bills all in te wooden bill organizer by dates and then move them all to the end of the month once they were paid. I found some really nice Pocket Folders at Dollar Tree and I picked up 2 of them. One  for bills that are DUE and one for bills that are PAID.  Its nice having the pockets to save some space and all bills fit perfect in them.


Pocket Folders = Perfect touch to a BUDGET binder.


I will definitely keep you updated on the Binder system but so far I love how organized it makes me feel. I know simple things bring such joy 🙂


I have  several more Binders I have in mind for different things(kids accountability binders that I found on Pinterest as well… those are still a work in progress ;), and a Christmas Binder(which has me SUPER excited for Christmas time)

I will definitely be posting more on these Binders once I have them set up exactly how I want them.


I’m wondering what type of organization you do?? I never was a super organized person and lately its been bothering me that I can’t find things, so I feel this Binder thing is definitely worth the time 🙂


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5 thoughts on “Budget Planning Binder Style

    • Christina~ I totally agree. It was a chaotic mess ans was driving me crazy. Definitely plan to implement binder organization for alot of things. I really need to work on my meal planning I was doing so good until Summer. But this binder is amazingly easy to use and makes things findable 🙂

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