“You Only Turn 13 Once”

 First off let me apologize for not posting much lately. June has flown by and I have been SWAMPED with kids being out of school, daycare kiddos and planning for the big “13” party this past weekend. 


Two of our boys turned “13” this month(NO they are not twins LOL). I figured you only turn 13 once so I wanted them to have an EPIC party. 

First, I had to find the perfect theme, after searching Pinterest, and lots and lots of time searching I found the perfect theme. A “Bonfire” Party. We love to have fires when weather permits. And of course S’mores. 

During the weeks leading up to the party I did alot of ONLINE shopping for some items I needed for the party from the wood banner to the frosting tints. 
I refuse to pay a bakery lots of $ to make a cake that I can do myself. 

M y first ” MUST MAKE” was a S’MORES banner to hang above the Smores table. 

I found this one on the Target App(yes I hate shopping in store lol, but love instore pickup options) 

Wood Flag Banner – Spritz™


I used FolkArt Black Chalkboard Paint that I had gotten at Walmart. I painted the Banner pieces with the Chalkboard paint, then I stenciled S’MORES onto them using some stencils I found at Dollar General in their craft section along with some Erasable Chalk Markers  


Finished S’MORES banner

The only suggestion I have for the banner is to Clear coat it with something as the chalk is erasable and well it rained during the party which was outside and smeared! 


I made these signs up in Word and printed them to hang above the table with bins.

Metal Buckets with Chalk Board Signs. One for Bug Spray, One for Sticky Fingers(after SMORES) One for Sparklers and One for Glow Sticks


The Cake was a treat to make a Half Sheet Cake and let me tell you Candy Rocks are hard to find around here. I searched online and found some these: Hoosier Hill Farm Original Chocolate Rock Candy Nuggets (1 lb)

Then I made this cake after much debate on how on Earth was I going to pull this off…. 

The cake was half chocolate and half yellow cake. I used Sugar cones to make the trees(frosted them flat that used a Wilton cake tip to make them look like pine trees), the Tent is Fudge PopTarts and a Pretzel Stick, Toostie Rolls for Logs and of course Candy Rocks along the water. 

Of course I had planned on making cupcakes too so I made a bunch of Smores Roasting on the Fire ones and then since they are 13 I had to make “13” cupcakes as well. 

Thats ALOT of cupcakes 🙂
Smores Roasting on the Fire Cupcakes


I had these shirts made for the boys. Of course Mr. Brax had to make the goofiest face humanly possible when I asked him to let me get a pic of it LOL! 

Another addition to the desserts for the party. I swear we had real food too.  BBQ, baked beans, chips, cheesy potatoes and cheese trays from Wenger Spring Brook Cheese Inc (if you want AMAZING cheese seriously check them out, they are located at  12805 N Spring Brook Rd, Davis, IL 61019. Trust me when I say you wont regret the drive out there if you need cheese! 


These cookies were also part of the desserts. They were a oh hey you should make these(thanks SIS) option but they were super easy to make and looked pretty cool.



And the Big reveal of the Cake was the Candles inside the “firepit” looked like a Fire 🙂 


I could go on and on about the party, it was alot of fun as well as a mom Cry moment when right before we decided to do cake and presents RAIN hit. An outdoor party moved inside VERY quickly but we were still able to do s’mores later on that evening once everyone had went home and it stopped raining. All and All the party turned out great, kids had fun and even with temps in the upper 40s(YES at the end of JUNE) they camped out in the back yard. 


I also want to give a HUGE thanks to my Uncle Thom Jewell Photography for getting pics of the cake, cookies and of course the buckets on the table as this mama has officially lost her mind and totally forgot. He is a photographer so he never leaves his camera home 🙂



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2 thoughts on ““You Only Turn 13 Once”

  1. Our Family World says:

    Awesome party for a 13 year old. The cupcakes looked great and so did those cookies. The cake was fantastic. I am sure your little man had the best birthday ever.

  2. Liz says:

    Looks like it was a wonderful party. I have a grandson turning 13 this month. Sure hope his party is as great as this one! Good job mom❤

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