I am not Super Mom, But I am ENOUGH(and you are too)

Growing up I used to say I’m never grounding my kids, I’, never going to be that mom who takes her kids to school in yoga pants, a hoodie with my hair looking like Mufasa on a humid day, the list of I’m never goes on and on. Guess what…… I do ground my kids, I have taken their doors off the hinges for slamming them, and I have gone to the school looking like Mufasa.  I am not SUPER Mom but I love my kids more than anything.

I Am OK Enough At Bedtime

Some nights we read a book, or watch a movie together and they go to bed without a problem. And other nights it’s OK it’s BEDTIME, NO SERIOUSLY  last time I’m saying it lights out, TV off already, or HEY I can still see the light from your phone, get it downstairs. Some nights I feel like a Warden, and other nights its more like a hostage situation, see w hos going to give in and fall asleep sooner, the kids or me!  But I am ENOUGH, they never go to bed  without lots of hugs and kisses and good night MOM I love Yous!


I am ENOUGH At Meals

I meal plan, and for the most part we stick to it.Yes there is the occasional nights where I have something on grill and it pours, or honestly its a whatever anyone besides mom makes kind of night. BUT breakfast no matter how much I plan that never seems to work out. My kids are not breakfast people, most days it’s NO I don’t want that, I don’t even wanna be awake yet, I want that instead. There are mornings they are going out the door and I am popping a granola bar in their hands, just eat something it’s along time until lunch. OH and Ice Cream for breakfast that has totally happened  before. I wanted to say Ummmmm HECK No, but then I remembered as a kid my Grandpa gave my sister and I ice cream for breakfast. I remember thinking WHOA Grandpa is AWESOME. Plus in my grandpa’s words ” It’s Sugar and Milk just like cereal”! (all I can say is Ice cream ….. anytime really is awesome! It’s an Ostergard thing LOL we love Ice Cream)

I may not cook 7 course meals, but my kids always have a full belly. I am Enough.


I Am Enough At  Housekeeping

I will be the first to admit my house is never completely spotless, and there is always random toys somewhere. I clean, I dust, I vacuum, I do ALOT of laundry but yet there are still days I walk into a room like are YOU KIDDING ME, I seriously just cleaned in here. Or I just finished mopping floors  and something gets spilled. But that’s ok because some day there will not be random toys laying in places, there wont be little messes or piles of laundry. It will be a quiet house. For now it’ll be Clean ENOUGH because memories aren’t made without little messes.


I am Enough On Bad Days 

Let’s face it everyone has bad days. The days where what else can go wrong, and sometimes we lose our tempers. IT’S OK!!!! There are days the kids fight NON-STOP and I swear I will be gray before I’m 40. There is even days the kids are crying before they even go to school(usually its UGHHHH its early I don’t wanna go to school), the UGH the weekend went by way to fast I hate Monday kind of days. I know that regardless of how bad  a day anyone is having,  my kids know that I love them, and even on days that I’m the MEANEST mom ever, I can guarantee I’m doing my job as a parent. They may dislike me for a few minutes, hours or even “forever” in little people words , but regardless at the end of the day I always get a Big HUG and a Good Night Mom I love you every single night.

I Am Enough At Self Care 

Somedays, I shower long enough to wash my hair and if I am lucky condition it too, and  go from comfy clothes right back into another pair of comfy clothes. Other days I can do the whole shower, shave, hair and makeup , it depends on the day and if I beat everyone to the shower LOL!. Otherwise if I don’t there some days turn shower on its hot,step in its warm and start shampooing hair and it goes from pee warm to ice-cold. But I am ENOUGH, the kids still tell me hey mama you look beautiful w hen I’m rocking PJ pants and a T-shirt with some Mufasa hair pulled up into a pony tail.


I am OK ENOUGH at many things, but one thing I know that I am always going to do is love my kids unconditionally. I may not  be the mom who has all the money, or the nicest car in town.  NO my kids don’t have every game system or an Iphone, or even the most toys in the world and that’s OK! They have a Mom who loves them and that is ENOUGH!






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60 thoughts on “I am not Super Mom, But I am ENOUGH(and you are too)

    • Thank you. And honest its so easy when real life is so crazy 🙂 I told my other half the other day after sonething our 6yr old said I couldnt make up the things he comes up with if I tried. I swear hes a little comedian.

  1. Jessica says:

    This is sooo amazing and soo true. I think every mom feels this way sometimes I know I do. You are a strong mother and can make it thru anything.

  2. Love, love, love what an awesome mom you are to your kiddos!! You are totally more than enough!! 🙂 I love this article so much because you remind us mamas we are doing our best and that is enough… we’re not perfect but we don’t have to be! 🙂

  3. You are so very right-we ARE enough! Most days I feel like butter spread over too much bread, but I am still enough. Thank you for this important reminder.

  4. Love this post! I have really had to tell myself over the last 5 years that I don’t have to be the perfect mom to be ENOUGH for my children.

  5. You’re a great mama! I’m glad you can see that and recognize it 🙂 Your kids are lucky to get so much love! I can relate in that it doesn’t always feel like I’m the best mom but I know that I’m the best mom for my son!

  6. This is so true and so sweet! I have 3 under 3 and I struggle with feeling like I am never enough… it’s hard when every child needs something at the same time and I am by myself and just can’t do it all! But deep down I do know that I am enough and exactly what my children need. Thank you so much for the encouragement 🙂

  7. Just being a “good enough” mom makes you a super mom. No one is perfect, no matter how hard they try to make it seem like they are ( or in some cases no matter how much they think they are). We all have faults. We can’t keep everything up everyday. Not a single person can. We all have our bad days or our lazy or sick days. It happens, it happens more than any of us would like. I for one try to embrace it, that’s my new motto. It is what it is and as long as I am trying my best in the moment than that is great.

    There are some people out there that shouldn’t even be parents, that don’t care about, love, or care for their children. You do all of that and so much more. The more you push yourself the better you may feel but always know that: at the end of the day when it all hasn’t gone as planned that you tried. That your children know you ground them or run around looking like you just got out of bed because you care for and about them.

  8. Being a mom is the hardest job in the world. I have to remind myself that I haven’t been fired from it, so I am enough. I find me kicking myself, ALOT!
    When the older 4 were younger, I made them quilts, baked all their birthday cakes, had a huge cookie decorating session at Christmas, read them a book every night…and now that doesn’t happen. I feel so bad that my younger 3 never seem to get that. What I do have to remember is they are happy and we’ll adjusted, despite what has happened in their short lives. I do what I can with my limitations, and I have to remember that IS enough! Thank you for this!!

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