Great Start to the Weekend….

Happy Friday!!!!!

Today was so relaxing! Spent the morning with my other half watching them put on a “mock accident” at the highschool before Prom. The Police Department, EMS and Med Flight all were a part of this as well. I have to say we had something similar when I was in High School but I don’t recall getting to watch them do all the work they did today. It was really awesome to see.

This afternoon I relaxed and helped(a little bit) with yard work. Got all the flowers and plants planted and mulch all laid.

Got my Lilies planted Im so excited for these to grow and bloom. Lilies are my favorite.
Replanted the Tulips that were in an area that wasnt really plant friendly.
Plants from my friends Bri, I cant wait to see what these grow into 🙂

Bleeding heart, all weeds dug up and mulch laid down now to figure out what to do with the remainder of this area.
Gotta find something pretty to plant here still but weed proof paper and mulch is all laid

Then kiddos got home and Brax got his first lesson in push mowing the back yard(don’t worry its not a HUGE back yard)

He did a great job being his first time push mowing the lawn.

Finishied our friday night with some Brats and Hot Dogs on the grill then a fire in the fire pit. OF course we made S’MORES 🙂

Yes a Firepit, we live in town so they have to be in a pit. and once it burns down the lid goes on.
I love the way flames burn in unique patterns.
YES these are my Marshmallows they have to be BLACK and burnt otherwise they arent “done” enough for me to make smores with them 🙂
the boys getting their Smores on 🙂

Its a good thing we got the fire going, and had our smores when we did, because the sky let loose with RAIN as we were getting ready to clean up and come inside!!

All and all today was a very nice and relaxing day. After feeling super crudy yesterday it was nice to just relax today and not do anything to straining or busy. I even managed to sneek my chiropractor appointment in today instead of tomorrow morning! Which totally made my day.

I hope you all had a great Friday and have a wonderful weekend!!!


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