Kids Xbox Game and Deals

Yesterday I ran to Dollar General to grab a couple of things. The last time I was there they had the Disney Infinity game characters for 70% off. It was a good price compared to other stores even online prices. I wasnt planning to get the kids the game since I wasnt finding it for a price I liked(yes I am a HUGE bargain shopper).

SO imagine my suprise when I walk into Dollar General and they have them marked 90% off !!!

90% off= $1 Each


So I decided to look up the game Disney Infinity Toy box for the Xbox 360 (YES  the 360 lol, I refuse to spend HUNDREDS of dollars on the newest game systems)

Walmart has the Toy Box game for $5 in stores. It said our local store had limited available so I decided to call and double check before going. The lady  I spoke with was super nice and looked everywhere for it NOPE only for the PS3. Well shucks, I kept looking and found the Star Wars version at our local Walmart for $14.96 still not bad compared to what it orginially was.

$14.96 at Walmart


We got the game and I figured well if these characters are so cheap why not see if I can find a few more. The store here in town had a TON when I went in the morning, went back and they had 1 left. So one of the workers called another store and well they had a BUNCH and the Star Wars ones. So we ran to that store and heres our finds.

These were marked $4.20 but they were 90% off the original price so $1.40 EACH!!!!



These were also $1.40 each!



$1 each


We got all of this including the game for less than $30!! Super happy kids, and Mom is happy with the prices. Minus hearing all about Star Wars all the way home, I have NEVER watched it, so it’s all an Oh really or that sounds cool. Not my kind of movie but Brax loves Star Wars so he was happy.


If your kids love Disney Infinity Games, definitly check your local Dollar General and see what they have for characters!!!! And if anyone is lucky enough to find a Disney Infinity Toy Box game for Xbox 360  at their Walmart (its sold out online), please let me know. 🙂



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2 thoughts on “Kids Xbox Game and Deals

  1. RM says:

    This is an awesome deal!!!! My kids and are HUGE Star Wars fans 🙂 I’m going to head over to see if I can find these deals at my location:)

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