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Before I even started blogging I loved to read blogs. And now I read even more blogs. Here’s why, there are SO many bloggers and they each have their own niche. Motherhood, cooking, life, there’s even bloggers who blog to teach others how to blog.

  1.– This page has the neatest vacation posts. I’ve gotten to know Shell Maria, since I started blogging, I’m proud to say she’s  a friend. She is one of the nicest people. Her personality shines through in her blog and I absolutely love how she makes everything so easy to read and is so open about parenting. She is such a kind person, even with life’s ups and downs she continues to push through. You can read it in her blog that she’s a go getter!

  2.– There is so much on this page life, cooking,parenting. Michelle is amazing one of my dear friends. She is such a strong person and her posts are so “real-life” and fitting. A lot of parents struggle with somethings in parenting and its part of life. Michelle seems to have a way of making it “this too shall pass” and I adore her page for this.

  3.– If it wasn’t for this blog I will be 1000% honest  I probably still wouldn’t have my blog up and running. She has so much information down to step by step instructions on how to get  blogs up and running. definitely a blog to read if you are wanting to learn to blog.

  4.– so much information on this page, Home life, recipes, coupons, blogging you name it Money Saving Mom has it all.

  5. thehumbledhomemaker.comthis blog has a little  bit of everything. Motherhood, Faith, homemaking, and healthy living ideas. definitely a great log to check out.

  6. I love this page!! Seriously ALDI is my favorite store. This page has so much information, Aldi weekly deals, recipes, and my favorite category ” Stuff I’m Totally Buying This Week” . I will definitely be visiting this page a lot when I’m doing my grocery lists and meal planning.

  7.– I found this page when Michelle from sagecreekmeadow was featured as a guest. I love this page. the 30 Days to a Healthier Mom Life Series is amazing. It’s a MUST read for all mama’s!

These are just 7 blogs I read. I read these ones daily that is why I am featuring them today. I would love to continue to read more blogs and find other bloggers out there who share the passion of blogging. These blogs all inspire me in different ways, wether it be knowing that its ok to have a bad day as a parent, new recipes, blogging ideas, shopping ideas each one has its own unique area.

What blogs are your favorite? Leave some comments I would love to check them out!

Have a wonderful Afternoon!!!!

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8 thoughts on “Blogs I Absolutely Love

  1. Absolutely! It’s so nice to have friends who arent just your friend but bloggers to. We can chat about normal life and then the next sentence be bouncing blog ideas off one another! And NO YOU ROCK 🙂

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