Pinterest Fail….

Ok so we have all seen the adorable wreaths on Pinterest. Well I decided that I was going to make a Patriotic Flip Flop Wreath for Summer. Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day are all coming up so why not right??

My sister has made a bunch of adorable Flip Flop Wreaths, so I figured I won’t bother her asking to to make mine. I can manage. After all I can draw and Paint Pallet signs like there’s NO tomorrw.

Got everything I needed, flip flops, dug out the hot glue gun, a bunch of hot glue sticks, star garland and even cute little Americana Signs .(I got everything I needed at Dollar Tree, Minus 2 pair of flip flops I found at Dollar General.

Here are my ideas I was goinf off of. Look pretty simple right…..

Or so I thought. Last night I laid flip flops out and decided to use a foam wreath to glue them on. So I painted the foam Navy Blue(applied 2 coats)

Let that dry over night, got up this morning and decided oh I’ll paint some White Stars on there so if any of it shows then its Patriotic.

I added flip flops and the God Bless America Sign, well when I got done this is what it looks like.

Ummmmmmm…… WHAT on earth somehow… Still have 1 lonely flip flop missing like it won’t fit anywhere.

Well this is NOT the look I was going for. Looks like I will be getting up early tomorrow and retrying it. It’s by no means Horrid but…. It won’t even fit on my front door 😂😂!!!

First times always the learning experience right!?!?

It’s definitly been a Monday since I woke up, now cross your fingers I can get this all apart without ruining everything!!!

Hope you all had a great Monday!!! And please tell me I’m not the only one who’s had Pinterest fails!!!

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2 thoughts on “Pinterest Fail….

  1. RM says:

    Haha!! Love this so much!!!! I am forever finding things on Pinterest to try and all these moms show off what they made and they look perfect then I show mine and they’re like ” what is it?” Yet I keep pinning new stuff to try like my life depends on it LOL 🙂

  2. Same here. Lol. Several tries and it now looks cute. Good thing for hot glue being so forgiving and easily removable 😂😂

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