Pinterest Made it look Easy :)

If you use Pinterest I know you have seen the Pinterest Fails Pics….. Yes they are funny and let’s be realistic it has happened to all of us!!!

Well I seen the cutest Silly CinnaBunnies this morning I decided to make some for Drew for breakfast!!

Super Easy to make you take 1 can of 

Preheat oven according to directions on can, OK that’s simple enough.

Add 4 Rolls to the pan and use the other 4 rolls to make FLOPPY ears…. yea OK they don’t unroll so i had to improvise and make them come apart! 

Bake according to directions on can

This really doesn’t look like a Floppy Earred Bunny to me…..

Added Chocolate Chip eyes and a nose…. Well We got Floppy Earred Puppies that’s what we got 🙂


Happy Easter everyone!!!! PS  they were pretty good but No where near a RABBIT!!!!!!


Here is the original recipe looks way better than our Cinnamon Puppies “ Silly Cinnabunnies


Hope you all have a wonderful day, and enjoy this lovely Pinterest Fail LOL!




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3 thoughts on “Pinterest Made it look Easy :)

  1. I have been there more times than I can count! They still made cute Easter puppies. The Grands cinnamon rolls are usually easier to unroll. The important thing is, you tried. Drew still got a cute Easter breakfast, even if they didn’t turn out just like Betty Crocker’s.

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