Mom Day Out

As a mom… I tend to neglect me time. My hair is super thick and curly most I do is get it colored a couple times a year and I try to get it trimmed and thinned every 3ish months. Well when I slack and break hairtie after hairtie trying to put my hair up I know it’s time for a trip to Salon.

Last trip to salon was for color and that was like December!!! Eeeeks no wonder I have white hairs popping out all over and I’m breaking hairties galore.


Yesterday was “MOM” day, got up made some coffee and off to get my hair done.


I was still half awake in this pic ….. YIKES !!!


To achieve the colors I wanted was going to take awhile so I decided why not take some pics ,(yes I give you all permission to laugh at some of them….. they are scary LOL)

First she used Schwarzkopf lightner with a 30 volume developer on the ends. 30 minutes under the dryer

First Step was to lighten all the bottom! I kinda look like a TIN lady here.

After 1st step…. I kinda joked with her ohhh lets just leave it like this…

Then came the FUN 🙂

She usedMatrix 2Natural for the hair color and then a 5VR for the ends. She also used a 10 volume to deposit the color. We totally should have gotten a pic with the purple on but it was a tad messy LOL!

Heres the start of the Color Process 🙂

Once all color was in which yes took a bit(Thanks Nicole for being so patient with all my hair).. Back under the dryer I went 30 more minutes.

She then Washed it with Joico Duo, and back to the style chair, she applied Paul Mitchell Skinny Serum(this stuff is AMAZING…. helps your hair dry faster I even have a bottle at home I love Skinny Serum), it also helps with the unruliness of the Lion mane I have  LOL. Next came the blow dryer and then she used a Paul Mitchell curved edge straightener to style it. Rusk Forever Stay Hair spray and she finished it with some Paul Mitchell Shine to the finished result.

Here is the Final Result




And here is some pics of it straight from this morning …. I am loving this color. Thanks Nicole at Level 10 Salon and Spa You are AMAZING!!!!


Seriously look at this color its so PRETTY!!!!



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5 thoughts on “Mom Day Out

    • I was terrifed to go bold lol. I usually have brown or dark almost black brown with highlights. Finally im like OK just do it. Not like it can be recolored… Well im in love evem my dad liked it.

    • Thank you 🙂 she does an amazing job. Of course she has to be the most patient person I know it took lile 3.5hours
      But ir turned out amazing.

      And i ended up having almost the whole morning to early evening to myself. It was nice needed that “balance” time.

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