Kid Safe Essential Oils – My Kids love these !!

I started using essential oils after many many months of my wonderful Aunt telling me about how amazing they are and the benefits of each.

I did some research on different companies as well as took the advice of another blogger The Humbled Homemaker  

I follow her page on Facebook and she had posted a deal awhile back on Plant Therapy Kid Safe oils. So I was like well it is a BOGO deal so I suppose its worth a shot. I ordered 2 KidSafe Blends during the BOGO Sale.

A+ Attention
Calming The Child


I am absolutely in LOVE with both of these blends. Calming the Child is amazing to diffuse in the afternoon during homework time as well as at bedtime, I even made it into a roller blend for the boys.

BUT the A+ Attention is a life saver! My 12 yr old struggles to stay on task in class, he is very smart and can get great grades just hasnt been doing so well this year, I think hes still getting used to changing classes and all the homework. I got the  A+ Attention and decided to make a roller blend for him with it.  Last week was Parent Teacher Conferences and I had 3 of his teachers tell me I’m not sure what has changed with him in the last few weeks but hes so much more on task and one teacher said he was missing an assignment and she  asked him about it  he was like OH!!! I have it right here in my binder and gave it to her. She said the look on his face was so sweet like AH HA! I got this.

I told them all what I have been using and each one has him in class various times a day, not knowing if  by 7th hour if he was still getting the full effect of it I asked if I made him a roller for school if he needed it could he use it all the teachers were like OF Course. If he seems to be having an off day I will just ask him if he used his oil today 😉

So far this week NO missing assignments, no being over upset about homework nothing, I will definitly be keeping this oil around as well as essentials to make another roller if needed!

I will definitly be ordering more of the KidSafe Blends, as well as more oils for myself. I am in love with the Lavender I got from Plant Therapy last week. There shipping is amazingly quick. I may also have to get another Essential Oils box to store them all in 🙂


Plant Therapy has an amazing variety of KidSafe Oils.  Check them out by visiting Plant Therapy 

From April 4th- April 12th you can save 10% on all KidSafe Oils

Use Promo Code: EASTER


Let me know if you have any questions about oils, Im by far no expert but I would be more than happy to share with you what oils I have and what I use them for.





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