There’s a new tag making its way on social media called #RockinMotherhood.

I was nominated by Shell Maria. Her blog is amazing, I absolutely love how she is so down to earth and writes from the heart. You can check her blog out here https://thesunmama.com/

If Rockin Motherhgood means that I’ve totally got a hang on everything, then I’m not sure about Rockin It…… Seriously though my 6 year old has started following this new “fashion” statement, Shorts over top of pants…. and me being the mom  who wants them to Match and wear something nice to school most days, it’s definitly one of those I’m going to take a picture to show him when hes older, when he asked WHO Dressed me like that, Im going to telling him with a BIG smille on my face …. You dressed yourself like that Bubba!!!

In all reality though, my kids being happy is all that matters to me. Even if their sense of style is a bit odd. As  long as they are happy then clothing and looking silly doesnt really matter.


Somethings, that do make me feel like Motherhood is going pretty well, and that I’ve got a handle on this amazing BoyMom journey are:

  1. Every single day, and several times a day, the boys will randomly come up to me and give me a big hug or a kiss on the cheek just because and follow it with a I Love You Mama!
  2. Even on mornings when I wake up looking like a troll when I get up, I always hear Good Morning Beautiful, or morning ma did you sleep well. If that doesnt start your day off well I’m not sure what will.  Kind kids who think their mama is beautiful with Mufasa hair, one eye opening wandering to the coffee pot.
  3. Being told by teachers that your child is sweet or he is so funny, melts my heart.
  4. We all love watching movies together. My favorite nights are the nights we all curl up on the couch   and just watch a movie, or a Fuller House marathon.
  5. I don’t expect much the kids to have excellent grades, but I do expect them to put forth their best effort. Middle school has been super hard for Brax this year. But I do appreciate the teachers he has this year who are amazing, they are willing to keep him after to help him better understand assignments, they keep in contact with me and even had three of them tell me at conferences the other night, What ever you have been doing to help Brax focus better in class KEEP doing it. I decided to try Focus,Focus, Focus essential oil on him and its working great.
  6. Alot of our family time is spent at  the Fire station. I laugh when Spring rolls around and the kids are starting to say Oh Its grassfire season now, they can spot smoke from pretty far away too. I think its safe to say that this mama is raising at least one Future Fireman and possibly a Future Police Officer as well 🙂 <3

These things don’t necessarily mean that I’m #RockinMotherhood, but in my eyes it makes me super proud to be their mama.

Thank you so much Shell Maria for nominatting me for this challenge.


The #RockinMotherhood tag rules:

  1. Thank the blogger who tagged you and link their blog.
  2. List up to 10 things you believe make you a good mother.
  3. Tag 3-5 bloggers, to join the #RockinMotherhood tag.
  4. Grab the # RockinMotherhood image below and add it to your post or sidebar.


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13 thoughts on “#RockinMotherhood

  1. RM says:

    I loved reading this! You are totally rockin mamahood! Your kiddos are so lucky to have you 🙂 I love having movie night with my kiddos too. 🙂

    • Awwwe Thank you. Movie nights are the best. I have to say my favorite mornings ar when I wake up to HI mama and one of em has snuck into bed with me lol. I’m a light sleeper and normally will hear them or feel them hop into bed, they must have internal clocks that say mama is out like a light sneak in her bed she won’t know until morning 😍

  2. Wow shorts over pants lol… I have a picture of my brother when he was little dressed up in the fake jewelry from a game I had and his toy tool belt which is one of my favorites. Glad that you find the things that make it all seem to be going well 🙂

  3. Yes! The shorts over pants and other insane styles they come up with! What would we do without the entertainment our kiddos bring? You are definitely #RockingMotherhood! You nailed it with this one! Love it!!!! Challenge ACCEPTED!

    • Oh yes “style”.. Ive figured out to just pick your battles. Clothes is nothing to have a meltdown over at 630am .
      My oldest wore starwars pjs to school once lol… I told him to change a zillion times and when everyone in his grade asked him why he still had pajama pants on he never did it again

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