Amazon Dash Button $4.99- Free After Amazon Credit for Prime Members

I love amazon, you literally can get pretty much anything you need delivered to your door in just a few days. A friend was just telling me about the newest thing from Amazon the other day and I was like NO way!!! That would make life so much easier!

If you are like me as much as I can meal plan, I for the life of me can not remember to write down when we are running low on something and 99% of the time its something thats much needed TOILET PAPER (Yes I stock up on this but still when we run out its always at the most inconvienent times…. snow storm, or a down pour of rain during the summer).

Well there is a new solution for NEVER running out again, the Amazon Dash Button! If you are wondering what on earth is the Dash Button??


It is small device thats connected throught WI-FI, using the Amazon app. You connect the device and then place it in a convenient place, and when you start running low on something, just click the button and and the product(s) will be delivered to your door. If you have Amazon Prime you know just how awesome 2 day shipping is.


If you don’t have Amazon Prime and want to take advantage of these and all the other Amazon Prime perks you can get a  30 Day Free Trial 

The amount of Dash buttons available is amazing. Heres just a few Dash Buttons Available by Category, Dash Buttons are $4.99 then after first click you receive $4.99 Amazon Credit, so they are FREE after your first Click :), some buttons are showing lower than the $4.99 price


Charmin, Tide, Glad, Finish, All, Clorox Wipes, Bounty, Puffs

Baby & Kids

Gerber Formula, Similac Formula, Play-DohNerf Darts, Plum Organics,  Little Critters, Seventh Generation Wipes


Food & Beverage

Folgers, Cheez-Its,  Pop-Tarts, GoldFish Crackers, Fiji Water, Clif Bars, Orville Redenbacher’s

Health & Beauty 

Gillette, Glucerna, Culturelle, Preggie Drops, Playtex Sport, Burt’s Bees ,Colgate, Purell

After seeing the amount of Dash Buttons available, I know there are a few we will be getting. For sure the Charmin, All, and probably the Nerf (since I swear those darts get lost no matter how big of a package you buy). I am absolutely loving all these, I wont lie, I would have them all if it made remembering everything we are running low on and especially during the winter not having to go out in the cold and snow to get necessities. If you are anything like me and dont care for instore shopping Amazon Prime is definitly for you.

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