One Big Shopping Trip, Meal Planning & Recipes Week 1

Monthly meal planning, shopping and daylight savings time…. thats all alot in its self. Well lets add a Winter Weather Advisory to that mix 😉 ohhh yes this was the most interesting shopping trip I have had in awhile!

Sunday morning my 12yr old and I headed to town to do some major grocery shopping and getting home before the snow started. Pulled into Sams Club, I said  hey bubba can you grab my wallet out so we can go in… his reply UMMM mom theres no wallet in here. Seriously I left it at home, so back home we came to get it. Ohhhh my is all I can say great start to the morning. But spending the day with him was totally worth it, especially his little silly comments hey mom do you have your wallet every 20 seconds, and did ya bring the quarter for Aldis cart… hahaha Funny Lil Man!


Before we jump into the grocery lists and meal plan :

  • Aldi is my main go to store besides,stocking up on bulk stock up at Sam’s Club  and of course Piggly Wiggly here in town.
  • Some items especially spaghetti noodles,rice, spices and canned veggies are not listed as I stock up on as much of these as I can if they are on sale or a few times a year stock up at Aldis.
  • Prices are a little higher this month due to stocking up on some new sauces and a few meals I dont make often but you cant have St.Patricks Day without Corned Beef and Cabbage 🙂
  • Prices are total for each item, 2 of each etc.


Aldi Shopping Trip 


  •  Hamburger 5.5lbs $11.04- I grabbed the wrong package , not the one that was 5lb package advertised in weekly flyer. No worries, it will get used throughtout the month so broke it down into 1lb packages and froze it.
  • Fresh Chicken Breasts 9.34lbs $13.87 ($1.49/lb) – since chicken was $1.49/lb i stocked up on some chicken breasts. We have 2 meals with week using chicken breasts, , seperated the chicken and froze buy serving size so all I have to do is grab out a bag when needed.
  • Cocktail Sausages $4.98-  I have a snacky foods lunch planned for next weekend these will work perfect to just toss in crockpot with some bbq sauce 🙂

Breakfast Foods

  • Frosted Shredded Wheat Cereal $1.99
  • Honey Nut Oats Cereal $1.19
  • Frosted Flakes Cereal $1.29
  • Variety Pack Instant Oatmeal  $1.49    

All these will be used throughout the month for quick and easy breakfasts.



  • White Bread $0.85 – for cold lunches as well as toast for breakfast. 
  • Hot Dog Buns $0.85– these will be used hopefully this weekend for brats if the weather permits.
  • Mini Bagels $1.99 – these will be used for bagel pizzas and remaining for snacks.


  • Vanilla Probiotic Yogurt $3.38– these are my favorite brand of probiotic yogurt and the price is awesome.
  • 32 oz Light and Fit Vanilla Yogurt  $1.89– I use this in smoothies as well as a midday snack.

Crackers & Chips

  • Ranch Tortilla Chips $1.49– these will be used later this month for taco ring, and remainder for snacks
  • Nacho Tortilla Chips $1.09– for cheesy dorito chicken later this month.
  • Wavy Potato Chips $2.98– I have a addiction to Deans French  Onion Chip Dip so these will be used for snack as well as in kids lunches.
  • Mini Pretzels and Mini Pretzel Sticks $2.58-for lunches and snacks.
  • Big Dipper Chips  $1.79– will be used later this month for taco bowls and any remaining for snacks.
  • Penguin Crackers $1.39– lunches or afterschool snack.

Sauces & Spices 

  • Sweet and Sour Sauce$3,99– for sweet and sour chicken next week as well as another for another time,
  •  Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauce $4.78– for orange chicken last Monday night, and then rest for other meals and dipping sauce.
  • Ranch Salad Dressing Mix $2.94– stocked up on these for use in several dishes.
  • Soy Sauce  $1.49– needed for a few dishes
  • Orange Marmalade $ 3.58– for use in orange, picked up 2 just in case it was a hit, which it was 🙂


  • Avacado $0.99– was asked to pick this up( no idea what its being used for lol)


  • Orange Juice $1.99- breakfast or any time really we love orange juice.

Cookies(yes I know I dont really need these……) 

  • Chocolate Coconut Fudge $3.58 ( they taste like the Girl Scout Samaos … need I say more)
  • Fudge Mint $ 2.78– I’ll be honest with ya all I love THIN MINT anything

MIsc Food Items 

  •  Lunchables $4.78 I had my 12yr old with me and he thought they would be a good idea for cold lunch Monday and he was super helpful ,,, so yea they both got a lunchable for lunch.
  • Fruit Roll Ups $1.49 – for lunch snack
  • Croutons $0.89– for salad next week as side for spaghetti.

Aldi Total Shopping Trip: $91.88

Aldis Shopping Trip

Piggly Wiggly Shopping Trip  & Pig Points

(sorry no pics from this trip I was too tired to even take pics)

If you dont have a Piggly Wiggly near you and are wondering what Pig Points are each week they feature certin items with Pig Points, each one is so many points that can be used for cents of gallon of gas at local gas station.


  • Crystal Farms String Cheese $8.29– for lunches, snacks, homemade mozzerela sticks in a few weeks(plus they had Pig Points so thats always a bonus)
  • Piggly Wiggly 2% Milk $1.79 (used store coupon from flyer)
  • Blue Bunny Mini Ice Cream $2.00– when little man goes shopping with mama  he always says its a good treat for him and bubba ….
  • Deans Butter Pecan Ice Cream Pint $1.99– well if the kids get ice cream so does mama 🙂 and this is my absolute favorite, although i dont buy it often


  • Carrots 1lb $0.49– for corned beef and cabbage this weekend
  • Green Cabbage (.19/lb)$0.41– for corned beef this weekend
  • Red Salad Potatoes $1.79
  • Green Grapes $4.88($1.99/lb)- forgot these at aldis.
  • Red Grapes $3.62(1.99/lb)


  • Mott’s Original Applesauce Cups  $2.69– for lunches
  • Mott’s Snack  and Go Pouches $2.49– for lunches
  • Smucker’s Peach Preserves $2.69– will be used later in month for sweet and spicy chicken
  • Wide Awake K-Cups  $7.98– good coffee and they were on sale this week so got 2 boxes
  • Goldfish Finding Dory Crackers- $2.49– once again little man was shopping with mommy lol
  • Cream of Wheat $3.79– breakfast quick and easy for little man its his favorite


  • $0.79 for 2 dozen eggs. these will get used for breakfasts, baking etc.


  • English Muffins $0.99– for breakfast

Piggly Wiggly Total Shopping Trip $50.15

Sam’s Club 


  • 3lb Bananas $1.38– for breakfast and snacks and will freeze some for banana bread later this month
  • 6lb Gala Apples $5.98– for lunches and snacks
  • 5lb Cuties Mandarin Oranges $5.48– for snack and lunches


  • 12 ct Chobani Greek Yogurt Flips $11.58– breakfast or snack
  • 32 ct Go-Gurt $4.48- kids snacks or freeze and put in lunches


  • 36 ct Pop-Tarts $ 6.98- breakfast once and a great while
  • 60 ct Quaker Granola Bars Variety Pack  $8.98 breakfast or snacks
  • 40 ct Rice Krispy Variety Pack Snack Bars $6.23– snacks for lunches
  • 48ct Pringles Variety Pack Snack Cups $ 10.98– for lunches


  • 18 ct Johnsonville  Brats $10.48 – 2 dinners and then leftovers . usually stock up on these but weather isnt nice enough quite yet.
  • 3lb Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs $5.58– freeze most for grillling season and occassional lunch with mac and cheese

Sam’s Club Total Shopping Trip: $78.13

Total of al lthree shopping trips $220.16(which averages out to $55.04 a week), that price will increase a little as they were out of corned beef and some other things that I still need for this months meal plan but all in all I think I did pretty good.

This Week’s Meal Plan 


(all recipes linked are ones I’ve found on pinterest etc, they will take you directly to the recipe)

3 Ingredient Orange Chicken (found on , this recipe is super simple and seriously delicious)

This was amazingly good!!!!


Crock Pot Honey BBQ Pork (found on, definitly alot of recipes on here go check it out)

Slow Cooker Corned Beef and Cabbage  (

Corned Beef & Cabbage while cooking
After cooking all day, it was DELICIOUS

Breakfast in a Blanket (

Breakfast in a Blanket- Sausage


I plan to add photos of each recipe later this week after they are made 🙂

Happy Meal Planning and have a wonderful day!



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4 thoughts on “One Big Shopping Trip, Meal Planning & Recipes Week 1

    • Hi Nicole, Thank you.
      I did alot of shopping at Aldi, they have amazing prices, then stocked up on stuff that would cost me more if i bought individual boxes at Sams and Piggly Wiggly, used savings card on items that were on sale. I spent alot of time figuring out meals, as well as having some meat in freezer that saved me from buying more. I plan to try and keep each months big trip around this price 🙂

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