10 Of My Favorite Things

COFFEE– It has to be dark or french roast though I am not a fan of light roast coffee (I will drink it but I prefer Dark Roast)  My Favorite Coffee is Verena Street Coffee Shot Tower Espresso

Coffee Cups– I love them my favorite ones are the ones my kiddos get me  and of course my Donuts Cups that Ive ordered that Feature the Awesome Artist Talent of an old classmate Nick Volkert. Nick’s Designs- You can Shop Here 🙂

Music- from the time I get up until I go to bed there is usually music playing either Pandora on the TV, my phone or sometimes the radio (even if Im straming it online). I mainly listen to country, but I will play 80s music all day as well. Of course Johhny Cash is one of my top stations on Pandora! I love Johhny Cash’s music. 

TV- Im not a HUGE fan of TV all the time but I do love several shows… Grey’s Anatomy, Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, Chicago Med, This is Us(seriously :'( every epsiode its that good) and I just started watching Chicago Justice when that came out last week(yes I think they have another Award winning show right there). Wheel of Fortune just because who doesnt wanna try and solve those puzzles faster than the people on TV. And kids shows well being a parent you cant really avoid those even though sometimes you realize you are still watching it when they are asleep…. AKWARD 😉

Essential Oils- I recently started using essential oils, but they are amazing. I currently only have essential oils from Edens Garden, but I just ordered some Kids Safe blends from Plant Therapy today so I am super excited to try those!! 

Scentsy– I am a Scentsy Consultant and I love their warmers, oils and of course the Scentsy Buddies.

Sleep– I wont even lie I LOVE SLEEP!!!! I usually dont sleep the greatest at night but I could nap during the day and sleep like a rock!

Baking & Cooking– I love to bake and cook. Crockpot meals are my favorite kind to make. Add ingredients and forget about it until dinner time. Easy Peasy 😁

Leggings- seriously they are so comfy!!! I buy LuLaRoe Leggings when I can and would wear them everyday if I could.

Pinterest– I love love love Pinterest. If it wasnt for Pinterest, I can honestly say I would still be trying to figure out how to even start a blog! And the recipes oh my gracious what can’t you find a recipe for on there!!!


**Notice- there is no payment to me for blogging about these items, they are written directly by me in regards to my favorite things. And to Nick Volkert thank you so much for letting me share your designs, you are amazing!!



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