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Weekly Meal Plan ( I do our meal planning a month at a time but much easier to break it down into weeks, and be able to add recipes as well). I try to make a big meal on Sundays and use whatever I have for meat in another dish during the week or freeze it for another weeks dinner. 

Week of March 5th – March 11th 


Breakfast: Pancakes & Bacon  Lunch: Bagel Pizzas(Homemade) Dinner: Ham and Crossiants


Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs & Toast  Lunch: Kids-School, Mom -Advocare Shake Dinner: Soup and Sandwiches


Breakfast: Cereal Lunch: Kids School, Mom- Smoothie Dinner: Ham and Augratin Potatoes(leftover ham from Sunday)


Breakfast: Waffles Lunch: Kids Cold Lunch, Mom- Shake Dinner: Biscuits & Gravy & Scramled Eggs


Breakfast: Donuts Lunch: Kids School, Mom Smoothie Dinner: Baked Chicken Bacon Ranch


Breakfast: Cinnamon Rolls Lunch: Kids School, Mom-??? Dinner: Meatball Sliders and Fries


Breakfast: Chocolate Chip Danish Lunch: Sandwiches & Chips Dinner: Spaghetti Dinner for Scouts


This  Weeks Top Pick Recipes

Chicken Bacon Ranch Bake

Chocolate Chip Danish

Crock Pot Au Gratin Potatoes(I add ham)


I would love to see other meal plans. Do you plan weekly/monthly or at the spur of the moment kind of meals. I started meal planning to save money. Its amazing how you can actually buy a months worth of food and not shop the night of making dinner. I love ALDI and the amount of food you can get for such a decent price.



Free Printable Monthly Meal Planner

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