Weekend Sheninigans- Cousin Time

This weekend has been an adventure to say the least. Have my nephews for the weekend. 


So….. 4 boys …… 2- 12 year olds, a 6 year old and a 4 year old. And this lady is running on very little sleep.( little man was in ER last night for an ear infection, man oh man I do not care for those, I cant even imagine being a kid with one)

Other wise this weekend has been pretty entertaining to say the least, If one of them doesn’t think of something the other one does, Fart jokes, who can kick the ball harder, who can holler the loudest the list goes on and on! And of course the older two lets see how long we can stay up….(LOL well my 12 year old cant hang with up all nights, hes a tad cranky the next day).

We have breakfast for tomorrow all figured out my 4 year old nephews request : PANCAKES! Of course we can have pancakes no way Aunt Carrie is telling him how about we have something else lol. 

It’s now almost 9:40pm and I am just sitting down to write, but thats ok kids are all settled in for the night and this lady is super ready for bed. 

I would not trade these weekends for anything. Some of my best childhood memories are the weekends spent with cousins(yes they were all boys and my sister and I were the only girls… so we figured out real fast how to hang with the guys). Being an aunt is truly one of lifes greatest gifts. I absolutely love theses kiddos 🙂 


Sorry for the short blog but its time for me to call it a day. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 



If it wasnt for Sass and Humor Life wouldnt be FUN 🙂


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