Texting/Messages and the…OOOOOO crap sent that to wrong person fails!!!

With todays technology , I think its safe to say we have had that OOOOO crap moment when sending a message to someone. There’s no UNSEND button… its a sit and wait to see what kind of reply you are going to get! 

Pretty sure no ones grandma wants a screenshot of something completely off that wall that you meant to send to a friend, and trying to be discreet and get somene a gift and you send them a picture of it. Like seriously how you going to fix that one….. Ummmm its for someone else YA like they are going to believe that! 

Never fails, yes you can admit it….. its probably happend to you as well. Usually its pretty funny and even funnier when the person you send it to has an epic reply! 

A few weeks ago I was talking to my friend Jess asking her if she’s heard this song yet…. Body Like A Back Road- Sam Hunt, she’s like did you send it to me I have nothing…. so I go on messenger and look OHHHHHHHH crap no it didn’t send to her it sent to someone else….. who happens to be my chiropractor. After that initial freak out moment, I send OH shoot wrong person. Thankfully he has a great sense of humor. Talk about embarrassed!!!

So, yea now I try my best to make sure I send stuff to the right person. And from now on I am trying going to text songs, physically type the persons name in and make sure it gets to them!


I would love to hear everyones “text/message fails”. Comment them 🙂 





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