“If my 6 year old took over my Blog for the morning….”

Good Morning I have been awake since 530. The best way to wake my mama up is to turn the tv on, turn it up alot and find Tayo the Little bus….. now I sit and wait






Dude…..(Ha Ha I woke the momster up) Please turn that down its 530 in the morning!!!

But Mama, its Tayo I love this(turn it up a tad more, she has to get out of bed now) 

Mom- Ugh Serioudly I havent even had coffee yet… PLEASE turn it down 

Then mama gets up…. shoot here she comes time to be adorable 😉 turn the tv down and smile

I like to take selfies with mamas phone 🙂

Me: Good Morning Beautiful…. did you sleep good? 

Mama: Hi Bug and yes kind of but I need coffee now. 

Me: Still smiling…………(here it comes)

Mama: BUG!!!!!! Did you turn the Keurig off again

Me: Giggling… YEP! It sounded like a ROCKET, it was NOISY!!! 

Mama: Man…………..

Me: She doesnt like it when I turn it off (but its noisy)

Once mama has her coffee like a whole cup at least shes alot less crabby bear. 

One day I’m going to figure out this new Keurig and I will make her coffee before I wake her up. But she said no touching it to make coffee since its really hot, so til she tells me its ok she has to make her own coffee.


Well I better get ready for school so I dont miss the bus. Have a good day!!!


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4 thoughts on ““If my 6 year old took over my Blog for the morning….”

    • Carrie A Ostergard says:

      Thanks Melody hes seriously a character. All my boys have one heck of a sense of humor. Thinking weekly blog post of If my kid…. Is in the making


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