Weekend Adventures

This weekend went by too quickly which they all seem to do.

Kids had no school Friday, so by 9am I had one begging to go to grandpas and the other was like I want to hang out at home mommy. So my 12yr old went to grandpa’s for the weekend. So little man and mommy had a date to the salon because he needed a hair cut (well not desperately but his version of “fancy hair” is short.)

So after his hair cut we came home and hungout all day watched a movie, had my nephews over for a few hours then we were all asleep before 10. Exciting Friday night let me tell ya 🙂

Yesterday we did some errands in the morning, while daddy was off doing stuff for the Fire Department. Then we decided to go see a movie. Since it needed to be kid friendly we went and seen….  Na na na…BATMAN

It was actually pretty good. Im by far no batman expert but our 6yr old was one happy boy 🙂 at the movies he decided he wanted to have a sleep over with his cousins, so once we got the yes from my sister we took him to spend the night.

Whoa!!! No kids what do we do……  Lol literally i asked him so what are we going to do. Ended up going for supper and stopping at Target for laundry soap, got home and started watching The Fault in our Stars…. Yep key word started watching it. Man adulting is fun we both fell asleep before 11.

I have to say it was nice having a night out, but I did chuckle this morning when I woke up and clock said almost 9. Totally slept in when you are used to being up by 530-6 daily.

It was a fantastic weekend. Definitly one to add to the making memories kind of weekend.

Even if we didnt do alot and did housework all day today. Hope you all had a great weekend and that you have a wonderful Monday tomorrow !!



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