The dreaded flu has hit our house-Day 1

Nothing makes a mom sad like the a phone call from the school, Carrie…… your son is here in office and throwing up. Well nothing besides being an hour away 🙁 Thankfully I am blessed with an amazing friend who saved the day!!! 

As you can tell from my first couple of blog posts, I LOVE essential oils. As soon as I walked in the door I broke out the oils and started diffusing.  I set up a diffuser in his bedroom as well with the blend I like to call ” BYE BYE GERMS” 


3 Drops-Aura Cacia Organic Lemon Essential Oil

3-Drops  My Version of Four Thieves Oil Blend

3 Drops  My Version of Purification Essential Oil Blend

** I found both the Four Thieves Blend and Purification versions on Check Out Deep Roots at Homes Page its AMAZING**


I meant to post this blog last night but it was a long tiring night, so I am getting it out today. He is feeling better still sleepy but much better than yesterday! 



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