💙Boy Parenting the things NO one warns you about. 💙

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The Pre-teen years NO one can warn you about those. One minute they are happy as can be ans then the next crying over absolutely nothing like ” how was your day bud” turns into a cry session even when it was a good day!!

Mind you I have ALL boys, so I dont have to worry about female issues but Ive came to conclusion that there is some type of “male cycle” and it’s brutal. 😖

Middle school has to be the hardest years of a kids life. Trying to adjust to switching classes, more homework, even school functions can cause chaos. Tonight for example was the middle school dance. My 12yr old went, and about 45 mins before the dance is over I get a message from one of the teachers telling me he’s having a BAD night. So i go get him only to find out hes a crying mess before we even get to the car. Asked him several times what happend etc and he screams nothing and starts crying again.

By this time I’m finally at a loss for what to even do. After a few hours and even talking to a friend of ours he finally opens up and the whole melt down is over girl 👧.
Ohhhh now it makes sense but seriously kiddo your 12 and in 7th grade. This mama is NOT even close to ready for heartbreaks and the meltdowns that come along with it.

There is one thing I do know about being a boy mom, no matter how good or bad the day, how Gray my hair gets and how exhausting some days maybe. These 3 boys are my entire world and I be the best mom I can be to them everyday of my life.” Blessed even when Stressed”


~Carrie ❤

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